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Investment Opportunities

Why Otto Investment Group?

Otto Investment Group provides you with an opportunity to invest alongside a well-capitalized, stable, and reliable partner. Unlike larger private equity firms, Real Estate Funds, or REITs, we take the time to personally know our investors and understand what you are looking for.

With our combined experience of 54+ years, we are experts in finding, evaluating, and developing undervalued properties that show significant upside, mostly due to bad management, deferred maintenance, and under-market rents. What’s more, we also know exactly what to look for when matching you with attractive and already cash-flow-producing investments. 

Our streamlined process

By helping to take a lead role with an investment, we make things as simple as possible by handling everything from the discovery and development of a property to further improvements, maintenance, and marketing towards new residents. This makes the entire venture a streamlined and headache-free process.

Florida Ranks #7 in Top 10 Fastest Growing States

One of the Fastest Growing Regions in the US

In 2018 alone, more than 51,000 people moved into the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area, earning them the ninth spot on the Census’s Top 10 Metropolitan Areas in Numeric Growth: 2017 to 2018 list.

According to geospatial analytics group, Orbital Insight, Tampa was the No.1 destination that Americans relocated to during the COVID-19 pandemic with Miami being No.4 and Orlando coming in at No. 5.

With a continued stream of new residents in Florida and the expected population growth to come, you can see why we’ve chosen these counties as the perfect starting point for investment.

*Florida's Population Growth to 21.7M

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