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the process

Choose an Investment Partner You Can Trust

Sourcing and Evaluation
We start by researching properties and evaluating different options to improve or economize on them. We locate a variety of possibilities from undervalued properties to more stabilized assets that produce continuous cash flow.
Investment Analysis
At this point we draw out an exact business plan and establish the most remunerative course of action to take. This includes many precise actions such as gathering financials, researching rent comparables, and evaluating operating costs and capital improvement budgets.
Investment Proposal
When we first speak to potential partners to see if they’d be a good fit, we gather their initial criteria for what they are looking for in an ideal investment. Once we have a business plan drafted, we hand-select the individual that we believe will be the perfect match for the opportunity.
Business Plan Implementation
At this point in the process, we: purchase the asset; gather all documentation, including lease agreements, bills, contracts, and licenses; and begin implementing the business plan. We continuously update the chosen partner/s on the progress of the established plan, and we are always available for any questions or updates

We Specialize in Finding
Ideal Investment Opportunities

With our knowledge and experience in this industry, we know what to look for
in an asset, and we’re confident in finding profitable investments. Our strategic business plans allow us to continuously drive total investment value by increasing income and reducing operational inefficiencies.

This allows us to establish monthly/quarterly cash flows. Additionally, and as an asset manager, we ensure the investment is legally protected and any liabilities are reduced.

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Million Dollars of Assets
Underwritten in 2020
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Deal Volume
Within 2020 Alone
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of Combined Experience
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Total Transaction Value
over the last 30 years

Our mission is to give our partners an elevated investment experience through expert guidance and total transparency every step of the way.

We strive to produce outstanding returns for our capital partners while also aiming to improve neighborhoods for our residents through safer and cleaner living environments.

-The Otto Investment Group

Madison on 4th

20 / Month
Holding Period
20 %
Property Value Increase

*achieved through a series of exterior and interior renovations and upgrades

Willwood Way Villas

3 / Month
Holding Period
20 %
Property Value Increase

*achieved through a series of exterior and interior renovations and upgrades

Asset Management

We work together to find tailored investment opportunities and help to manage any assets by creating and implementing strategic business plans, handling all aspects from acquisition to disposition and minimizing risk.

Property Management

Our in-house property management allows us to ensure a proper implementation of the business plan. This streamlines operations and keeps the investors interest aligned with on-site management. We take care of everything, from leasing to finding new sources of revenue.

Property Maintenance

Our in-house property maintenance also ensures that any costs are minimized by having our own team of reliable and trained plumbers, landscapers, electricians etc. instead of needing to rely on outside companies and independent contractors.

Become Part of the Otto Family

Make an Investment

Real estate features a unique combination of short-term and long-term earning potential and provides a safer and higher return alternative to traditional investing. With Otto Investment Group you can experience the benefit of a competent real estate investment and asset management partner while strengthening your portfolio.

Join the Team

We believe that employees make up the heart of an organization and are key to the success of our properties and the well being of our residents; therefore, we view people as our most valuable asset. Find out more about a future with Otto Investment Group by clicking below!

Otto Investment Reviews

The Otto Investment Group brings transparency and diligence to every transaction. They stick to their word and perform with a high level of strategy and meticulousness. They were able to close The Old Southeast Portfolio during COVID‐19 and throughout this process, they kept all parties fully informed of their decision making and approached each problem with a solution‐oriented mindset. After closing, this group was able to exceed our rental pro‐formas and flawlessly execute their value‐add business plan.
We are pleased to provide this letter of reference outlining our experience with Otto Investment Group. Throughout our business relationship they have handled their obligations in a timely and professional manner. We regard our relationship with them very highly and look forward to assisting them in the future.
Real Estate Broker
My team and I have been working with Otto Investment Group since 2018. In that time, they have displayed a true proficiency in management. Their ability is on par or superior to most of the third-party management companies we have worked with. Overall, Otto Investment Group are above average owners and property managers.
Real Estate Broker
It is my pleasure to share the very positive experience I have had in several transactions with Otto Investment Group. I have closed several commercial and residential properties with this company and they continue to prove to be reliable and forthright in all transactions. They are highly organized, excel in communication and understand the real estate process throughout negotiations and the closing period. During the most complex transactions, we have had open communication which has allowed for a 100% closing record.
We have enjoyed a well-established and pleasant business relationship with Otto Investment Group. Their overall business and financial circumstances are in order and their company enjoys a good reputation. It has been a great pleasure to have been of assistance to Otto Investment Group.
Deutsche Bank
"I live in the Palms Apartments. Since Otto Investment Group bought this property they have been fixing some major problems that the previous owners neglected to do. They have also been upgrading our apartments as well. I’m really impressed with the new ownership. They actually care about the environment that we live in. I am truly grateful and beyond happy that Otto Investment Group is now the owners of Palms Apartments!!"
Palms Apartments Resient
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